Sunday, September 22, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusive Doctor Who Titans Figures

* 8" Statue of Liberty Weeping Angel TITANS Figure - Glow In The Dark Variant (pictured top) - This new 8" scaled-up incarnation of our hugely popular Doctor Who 3" TITANS recreates the Statue of Liberty Weeping Angel - in all her menacing glory - from the instant-classic 2012 episode "The Angels Take Manhattan."

* Tenth Doctor "Parting of the Ways" Variant TITANS Figure - This figure celebrates the Tenth Doctor as seen in the "Parting of the Ways" (just after his regeneration from his ninth incarnation) and sees him still wearing the Ninth Doctors iconic leather jacket. This piece does not come with a sonic screwdriver.

* Tenth Doctor Tuxedo Variant TITANS Figure - After selling out at San Diego, final pieces of his exclusive Doctor Who TITANS figure will be available only at Titan Entertainment Booth #2142. This figure is a special edition variant celebrates the Tenth Doctor decked out in his sharp tuxedo from the 2007 Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned". This piece does not come with a sonic screwdriver.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusive Femme Fatales Unmasked Kabuki

The New York Comic Con 2013 exclusives keep rolling out as we inch closer to the convention which is three weeks away! Diamond Select has announced an exclusive 'unmasked' version of Kabuki that is limited to only 100 pieces. This Femme Fatales statue is about 9 inches tall and made of high quality PVC.

Diamond Select has also announced their convention schedule:
On Saturday, October 12, at 12:15 pm in room 1A01, DST will host the first of two panels, titled "Diamond Select Toys: The Best of All Worlds." This panel will attempt to cover all of DST’s non-Minimates product lines, from Select-scale 7-inch action figures to electronic vehicles to busts to role-play items to vinyl banks. Diamond Select Toys Director Chuck Terceira, Product Manager Robert Yee and Marketing Supervisor Zach Oat will talk Marvel, Batman, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Star Trek, Universal Monsters, Godzilla, Pulp Fiction, Clerks, Lost in Space, Aliens, Sin City and more! Special guests will include sculptors Jean St. Jean and Eli Livingston! They’ll also hold a Q&A, announce some brand-new products, and there will be a prize drawing at the end of the panel.

On Sunday, Oct. 13 at 1:30 pm, in room 1A08, DST will host their second panel, "Marvel Minimates: A Toy Line Turns Ten." Wrapping up the tenth anniversary celebration of the Marvel Minimates line, Chuck, Robert and Zach will talk about Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier and their plans for the next decade! Plus, they’ll also share info about the other DST Minimates lines, including The Walking Dead, Sin City, Aliens and Battle Beasts, as well as submit to a Q&A session and show off new artwork! Special guests include artist Uriel Caton and animator Alex Kropinak! Plus, there’ll be a Minimates-themed prize drawing at the end of the panel.

Friday, September 13, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusives from Graphitti Designs

Graphitti Designs has two great exclusives coming to New York Comic Con 2013; Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Saint Walker from DC Collectibles in 3 3/4 inch scale. The second exclusive is a Super Best Friends Forever version of Poison Ivy that measures approximately 6 1/2 inches tall. These are sure to be popular collectibles at the convention!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusive Captain Action Coloring Book

Captain Action Enterprises announces another New York Comic Con exclusive: The Captain Action Convention Sketchbook / Coloring Book. Building upon the fan enthusiasm for convention sketchbooks, this 44 page book will feature “Action Artwork” by an impressive collection of comic artists, Including John Byrne, Joe Jusko, Ron Frenz, Ruben Procopio, Steven E. Gordon and Art Thibert.

With a nod to the retro past that the Captain Action so often embraces, this limited edition is designed to evoke the look and feel of a classic 1960’s Coloring Book.

“Captain Action, Dr. Evil and Lady Action are long overdue to star in their own coloring book,” said Ed Catto, a founding partner of Captain Action Enterprises. “From the painted cover to the black-and-white interior images to the corny captions – Its all designed to make the reader feel as if he’s stumbled across a lost coloring book in a forgotten corner of some out-of-the-way antique store.”

Toy and robot collectors will also enjoy select pages featuring other Captain Action retro properties, including the Zeroids.

NYCC 2013 Exclusive Star Wars R2-Q5 from Kotobukiya

Everyone loves droids! Especially R2-Q5 (nicknamed by some the Black R2-D2). Kotobukiya will release an exclusive ARTFX+ statue/figure with gold plated coin of this iconic Star Wars character at New York Comic Con 2013.He is about 4 inches tall (1/10 scale) and will only be available at NYCC 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusive - Stan Lee Figure by Funko

This one will be popular! Funko has announced a Stan Lee POP Vinyl Figure Exclusive to be released at New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2013. This is the first of five Stan Lee variation figures that will be exclusive to various conventions over the next year. Every Marvel, Stan Lee and Funko fan needs to get one!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusives from Funko!

New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2013 just got a lot cooler! (OK, it was always awesome, but now it's awesom-er). Funko has a huge lineup of exclusives planned...

The Walking Dead: Bloody Michonne, Bloody Pet #1, Bloody Pet #2
Marvel: Unmasked Wolverine, Glow in the Dark Unmasked Wolverine
DC Comics: Nightwing, Metallic Nightwing, Metallic Batman Beyond