DragonCon 2012 Coverage

Official DragonCon website: www.dragoncon.org (and make sure you get your tickets and hotels soon!)

DragonCon is coming in a month (Aug 31-Sept 3). Check out the official website for all the events. There are some great Fan Tracks this year including Tolkien's Middle Earth track! What better way to celebration the Hobbit release this December! Here is the description:

"The Hobbit Movie is coming!  This year’s track will deal with gearing us up for this long awaited movie with The One Ring dot net leading the way.  Join us for an insider’s look at the Hobbit movies.  We will once again have our Tolkien/Lewis panel as well.  Don’t forget about our costuming panels and join our many scholars iin their presentations on the works of JRR Tolkien.  Friday night, we have “An Evening in Bree” with music by Emeral Rose.  Don’t forget about the costume competition during the intermission at this event.  Come show off your costume for all to see."  

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