Sunday, September 22, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusive Doctor Who Titans Figures

* 8" Statue of Liberty Weeping Angel TITANS Figure - Glow In The Dark Variant (pictured top) - This new 8" scaled-up incarnation of our hugely popular Doctor Who 3" TITANS recreates the Statue of Liberty Weeping Angel - in all her menacing glory - from the instant-classic 2012 episode "The Angels Take Manhattan."

* Tenth Doctor "Parting of the Ways" Variant TITANS Figure - This figure celebrates the Tenth Doctor as seen in the "Parting of the Ways" (just after his regeneration from his ninth incarnation) and sees him still wearing the Ninth Doctors iconic leather jacket. This piece does not come with a sonic screwdriver.

* Tenth Doctor Tuxedo Variant TITANS Figure - After selling out at San Diego, final pieces of his exclusive Doctor Who TITANS figure will be available only at Titan Entertainment Booth #2142. This figure is a special edition variant celebrates the Tenth Doctor decked out in his sharp tuxedo from the 2007 Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned". This piece does not come with a sonic screwdriver.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusive Femme Fatales Unmasked Kabuki

The New York Comic Con 2013 exclusives keep rolling out as we inch closer to the convention which is three weeks away! Diamond Select has announced an exclusive 'unmasked' version of Kabuki that is limited to only 100 pieces. This Femme Fatales statue is about 9 inches tall and made of high quality PVC.

Diamond Select has also announced their convention schedule:
On Saturday, October 12, at 12:15 pm in room 1A01, DST will host the first of two panels, titled "Diamond Select Toys: The Best of All Worlds." This panel will attempt to cover all of DST’s non-Minimates product lines, from Select-scale 7-inch action figures to electronic vehicles to busts to role-play items to vinyl banks. Diamond Select Toys Director Chuck Terceira, Product Manager Robert Yee and Marketing Supervisor Zach Oat will talk Marvel, Batman, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Star Trek, Universal Monsters, Godzilla, Pulp Fiction, Clerks, Lost in Space, Aliens, Sin City and more! Special guests will include sculptors Jean St. Jean and Eli Livingston! They’ll also hold a Q&A, announce some brand-new products, and there will be a prize drawing at the end of the panel.

On Sunday, Oct. 13 at 1:30 pm, in room 1A08, DST will host their second panel, "Marvel Minimates: A Toy Line Turns Ten." Wrapping up the tenth anniversary celebration of the Marvel Minimates line, Chuck, Robert and Zach will talk about Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier and their plans for the next decade! Plus, they’ll also share info about the other DST Minimates lines, including The Walking Dead, Sin City, Aliens and Battle Beasts, as well as submit to a Q&A session and show off new artwork! Special guests include artist Uriel Caton and animator Alex Kropinak! Plus, there’ll be a Minimates-themed prize drawing at the end of the panel.

Friday, September 13, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusives from Graphitti Designs

Graphitti Designs has two great exclusives coming to New York Comic Con 2013; Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Saint Walker from DC Collectibles in 3 3/4 inch scale. The second exclusive is a Super Best Friends Forever version of Poison Ivy that measures approximately 6 1/2 inches tall. These are sure to be popular collectibles at the convention!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusive Captain Action Coloring Book

Captain Action Enterprises announces another New York Comic Con exclusive: The Captain Action Convention Sketchbook / Coloring Book. Building upon the fan enthusiasm for convention sketchbooks, this 44 page book will feature “Action Artwork” by an impressive collection of comic artists, Including John Byrne, Joe Jusko, Ron Frenz, Ruben Procopio, Steven E. Gordon and Art Thibert.

With a nod to the retro past that the Captain Action so often embraces, this limited edition is designed to evoke the look and feel of a classic 1960’s Coloring Book.

“Captain Action, Dr. Evil and Lady Action are long overdue to star in their own coloring book,” said Ed Catto, a founding partner of Captain Action Enterprises. “From the painted cover to the black-and-white interior images to the corny captions – Its all designed to make the reader feel as if he’s stumbled across a lost coloring book in a forgotten corner of some out-of-the-way antique store.”

Toy and robot collectors will also enjoy select pages featuring other Captain Action retro properties, including the Zeroids.

NYCC 2013 Exclusive Star Wars R2-Q5 from Kotobukiya

Everyone loves droids! Especially R2-Q5 (nicknamed by some the Black R2-D2). Kotobukiya will release an exclusive ARTFX+ statue/figure with gold plated coin of this iconic Star Wars character at New York Comic Con 2013.He is about 4 inches tall (1/10 scale) and will only be available at NYCC 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusive - Stan Lee Figure by Funko

This one will be popular! Funko has announced a Stan Lee POP Vinyl Figure Exclusive to be released at New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2013. This is the first of five Stan Lee variation figures that will be exclusive to various conventions over the next year. Every Marvel, Stan Lee and Funko fan needs to get one!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

NYCC 2013 Exclusives from Funko!

New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2013 just got a lot cooler! (OK, it was always awesome, but now it's awesom-er). Funko has a huge lineup of exclusives planned...

The Walking Dead: Bloody Michonne, Bloody Pet #1, Bloody Pet #2
Marvel: Unmasked Wolverine, Glow in the Dark Unmasked Wolverine
DC Comics: Nightwing, Metallic Nightwing, Metallic Batman Beyond

Friday, August 30, 2013

NYCC Exclusive 2013 - Play Arts Kai Black Superman

Square Enix has announced an exclusive for New York Comic Con 2013 that is sure to fly toward a quick sell-out at the convention: Black Superman Variant Play Arts Kai 10" figure. Sometimes the Black Superman is called the "evil" version, but in this case there appears to be some rumors floating around that this figure is based on deleted scenes from the movie "Superman: Man of Steel."

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New York Comic-Con 2013 (NYCC) Exclusives!

Just when you think the summer is over and the convention scene is calming down... NEW YORK COMIC-CON is just around the corner! We will be providing coverage & information leading up to NYCC 2013. All exclusives will be available for purchase in our Ebay Store (click here.)

First up are 3 exclusives that were announced this week: Captain Action "Dr. Evil" and two items from Mezco: Translucent Green Creature from the Black Lagoon and Walker in White/Green Hazmat Suit from Breaking Bad.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Four Horsemen Discuss Mattel's Subscriptions

The Four Horsemen chime in about Mattel's 2014 Subscriptions for Masters of the Universe and DC Universe... read their comments...

If you know who we are then you probably know about Mattel’s action figure lines – Masters of the Universe Classics and DC Universe Classics, and you probably also know about our involvement with both of those properties. Both lines are very near and dear to our hearts as fans and we always try to remember how very blessed we are to have the opportunity to work on both of them.
So, if you know who we are and you know about MotU Classics and DCU Classics, then you probably know what this message is going to be about. Both lines are in danger of ending prematurely and they need your help to continue. We’re not going to beg you to buy multiple subscriptions or try to convince you that getting a subscription to either or both of these lines is more important than paying your rent or putting gas in your car. Those of you who have followed us for a while know that we’ve never been like that, and that if anything we’re going to do what is natural to us and come at this from a fan’s point of view.
First and foremost, there have been rumors floating about that this is some sort of scare tactic by Mattel just to sell more subscriptions than they really need and that the charts on are faked. These rumors could not be farther from the truth. What’s going on is that Mattel is being completely transparent about the subscriptions that have been sold so far and they’re letting you in on it just so you’ll be aware of the progress and consequently how much danger these lines are really facing of being ended. We’re actually floored that the MotU Classics subscription is only up to 35% at the time of this writing and the DCU subscription is only at about 20%!
From a fans perspective we see it like this…
With the DCU line there are still opportunities for all of us to finish off some hero and villain teams that we’ve all have wanted for a while and also to get characters that really need an update and an upgrade from earlier versions that were done of them, like Superman’s nemesis – Doomsday!
As for MotU Classics, there are still lots of fairly top tier characters that are from the original toy lines and cartoons that have yet to become part of the MotU Classics universe. Plus there are many fan-favorite secondary characters that may never see the light of day if the subscription campaign isn’t successful. Characters like Tongue Lashor, Rio Blast, Extendar, Squeeze, Ninjor, Dragstor, Sssqueeze, Flutterina, Angella, Blade, Entrapta, Saurod, New Adventures Skeletor, Evil Seed, Sweet Bee, Double Trouble, Flogg, Mermista, and yes – even Madame Razz and Gwildor ALL need to be made! It’s just plain and simple – without the subscriptions these figures just have no chance of ever happening.
So, it’s not a scam or a scare tactic. It’s just fact. Both of these iconic, history making toy lines are in danger of being cancelled and the only way we can all make sure this doesn’t happen is to subscribe to Club Eternia for Masters of the Universe Classics figures and to Club Infinite Earths for DC Universe figures before Monday August 19th 2013 to help ensure that these two truly classic lines stick around for a little while longer.
That’s less than two weeks before the fate of these two heroic lines will be decided. This time you truly DO have the power! To go directly to the subscriptions page, just click here:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mattel's DC Universe Figure Subscription 2014

Mattel's Action Figure Subscriptions 2014

Only about 2 1/2 more weeks to sign up for Mattel's Action Figure Subscriptions for 2014. There is a monthly subscription for Masters of the Universe figures and one for DC Universe (called Club Infinite Earths). Here are the details:

About Club Infinite Earths Monthly Subscription

Offering characters from the classic DC Universe, Club Infinite Earths is the only place to get true collector characters rendered as fully articulated, highly detailed 6” scale figures. How does it work? Purchase a membership now and in 2014 we’ll ship you every Club Infinite Earths official release. You’ll also receive the club-exclusive figure, and as a Club Infinite Earths member, you’re entitled to all of these sweet benefits:
  • Club-Exclusive Announced! This year’s exclusive figure is by far the most fan-demanded DCU figure ever… prepare to meet your Doomsday! We’ll have to reach our minimum subscription order goal to move forward with the club for 2014, but when it comes to the only confirmed destroyer of Superman™, one subscription order goal is just not enough: if we reach Level 1 on the thermometer to the left, we’ll release Doomsday for the first time in 6” scale and dressed in his prison outfit (green tarp, goggles, shackles). But if we reach Level 2, the insanity will truly be “Unleashed!” Achieving Level 2 will unlock additional production resources, so everyone’s favorite killing machine will not only wear his classic shredded uniform, we’ll literally make a bigger and badder Doomsday, at no additional cost to you.
  • New! Monthly and Quarterly Shipping Options: Want your DC Universe figures the minute they’re released? Then you’re in the right place. Choosing the Club Infinite Earths monthly shipment option means we’ll ship your figures as they become available each month. Or, click here to choose the quarterly shipment option. You’ll still get all the 2014 club releases but we’ll ship your products every three months instead to save you shipping costs. The choice is yours! (To read more about the options, click here.)
  • More Products, Lower Prices: Want to make sure you get every official 2014 Club Infinite Earths figure released in 2014? If you’re a subscriber, you won’t have a thing to worry about because they’ll automatically show up on your doorstep. The price subscribers pay for basic figures is lower, too… $20 each when purchased through Club Infinite Earths and $23 each during All Access.
  • Early Access to Non-Subscription Products: Get a subscription and you’ll have the chance to purchase many of our hottest items before non-subscribers, like convention figures, the upcoming Ghostbusters™ Ecto Goggles, and more!
  • Subscription Purchase Period & Limits: The 2014 subscription purchase period starts Monday 6/17 at 9am PT and ends on Monday 8/19 at 11:59pm PT. You’re free to purchase as many memberships as you like during the enrollment period, but there are no extensions or additional enrollment opportunities planned for 2014, so don’t wait!
  • Subscription Cost: The total commitment for 2014 is $275, plus applicable fees/taxes and shipping (varies depending on your location and the shipping method you choose). This includes 12 figures shipped approximately one each month from January 2014 through December 2014 (12 @ $20 = $240) and a $35 membership fee for a total of $275 plus shipping/taxes/fees. ONCE PURCHASED, MEMBERSHIPS MAY NOT BE CANCELLED.
  • Club Figures: Only subscribers receive the exclusive Club Infinite Earths figure directly from Mattel! This very special figure will never be sold separately at or anywhere else by Mattel. Shipped sometime around the first quarter of the year, the cost is covered by the $35 membership fee (any applicable shipping and taxes/fees will be charged at the time of shipment). The first three figures announced are ‘90s look Aquaman with hook Arm (January), Ice (February), and “Conner Kent” Superboy in his classic black shirt look (March). The balance of figures will be announced approximately one to two months before each on-sale date.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

More pictures from Comic-Con 2013

Here are a few more pictures from San Diego Comic-Con 2013...

 WETA's booth was amazing! This giant Azog the Orc towered over fans and was a main attraction!

 Funko's giant Batman statue was definitely cool eye-candy.

Hasbro's GI JOE / Transformers crossover set was extremely popular and because of a lawsuit, I think it will continue to rise in value. (Hasbro has been sued for property rights infringement by another company claiming that Jetfire (the jet that's included in this set) belongs to them. Google it!

Superman Man of Steel suits. Awesome!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pictures from Comic-Con 2013

Please enjoy a few pictures from San Diego Comic Con 2013. I will post more each day as I (and the world) reminisce about this incredible event and all the great memories!

 Mattel Booth - Masters of the Universe

Playstation and XBOX booths (this year all video game companies were in a new location at the end of the convention center near Hall A)

Hasbro's My Little Pony set up revealed tons of new items!

Hasbro announced Dungeons and Dragons KRE-O figures and sets.

WB always impresses with a clean up scale booth that fans gather around to see stars and get free swag!

Hasbro's Metroplex (largest Transformer ever made) was HUGE and the box had it's own handle!

Grab a seat with some Ewoks at the Hallmark Booth

 Entrance Pavillion where fans gather and wait in line for the show to open!

Uglydoll's Booth was a bit of a disappointment this year because they sold out of everything after the 2nd day. When it was stocked (on Wed night, see picture) it looked great! But after that, there was no one there because no product equals no hype!

 Marvel revealed the new Thor Movie and gave fans a chance at a photo-op.

Sideshow always displays the best and brightest products. Huge booth and lots of amazing statues and busts. Unfortunately they did not have an exclusive this year, which fans are still trying to understand the reasoning behind this decision.

Mattel's Max Steel... very cool statue and display.

Lucasfilm desperately needs to work on their Booth. It is basically just 15 licensees each with their own mini-booth. There isn't a unifying theme (well, Star Wars is the unifying theme) and it's like a mini-mall of various vendors. 

The A-Team Van!

Giant Lego statues made of thousands of Legos always attract fans and photo-ops. (I think they had about 6 statues this year.)

 A cool custom-made R2-D2 unit wandered around the Lucasfilm Booth.