Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Abominable Snow Cone Monster by Jason Limon & Martian Toys

This has to be one of my new favorite toy releases of 2015: Abominable Snow Cone Monster by Jason Limon & Martian Toys. Original! Creative! Fun! Quality! (Available for purchase here.)

The Cherry version is limited to 250 pieces and the Blueberry version (debuted at New York Comic Con 2015) and is limited to 150 pieces. Both come with a mini ice cream truck and spoon! Here is the official description:

The Abominable Snow Cone is the 3D manifestation of artist, Jason Limon's Cryptidbits series painting by the same name. Imagine a 50 foot Snow Cone monster loose on your neighborhood streets chasing after the ice cream man who imprisoned him in a icy hell for years. This cherry monster is ready to exact revenge on all those bratty kids who bit into his smaller brethren….
The Abominable Snowcone is a 3 piece set: a 7 1/4 inch tall Snowcone Monster, a 2 inch ice cream truck and a handy spoon ready to serve up some icy menace. Comes packed in a blister pack inside a box that designed by Jason Limon.